Emerge Australia Inc is the new name of ME/CFS Australia (Victoria). Emerge Australia advocates for, educates about and provides information about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), more commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  As CEO of the organisation, my role is to lead this work.

In 2014 one of the major projects undertaken was to replace an out-of-date website with one that makes finding information about ME/CFS simple and makes it simple to get that information out to a broader audience. I took on the role as website producer and worked with several volunteers and a talented designer to create the website. The project was developed taking into account both the Strategic Objectives of the organisation and the communications strategy.

For this project:

  • I worked with a Brand Strategist and key stakeholders to develop the organisation’s key messages
  • Briefed a designer on the logo
  • Worked with staff at the organisation to develop a communications strategy in line with the organisation’s strategic plan
  • Designed the website infrastructure and worked with a website developer to set up the domain/hosting and to tweak the WordPress theme chosen
  • Worked with volunteer editors to review significant amounts of information on the old website and ensure smooth migration to the new site
  • Engaged a technical editor and an online editor to ensure currency, accuracy and relevance of new stories as well as distribution across social media channels
  • Liaise with bloggers, supporters and journalists to find new content
  • Act as managing editor, ensuring all new content fits within the communications strategy
  • Write the monthly newsletter based on recent content
  • Post relevant organisational content
  • Update the WordPress site where required
  • Post information to relevant social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vimeo, Soundcloud