In this podcast…

I speak with Annette Iggulden. Annette is an established artist working in the visual arts based in Sydney, Australia. I met Annette during her residency at the Australian Tapestry Workshop, where she spent a few weeks creating beautiful images amongst the tapestries being created.


Annette’s work

Annette has a strong body of work and is represented by Watters Gallery in Sydney where you can see examples of her work over the past few years. She also has an exhibition at the gallery in February 2012 which you would be mad to miss if you are in the area…

About this conversation

Annette and I spoke for half an hour or so sitting in a small lavender garden in South Melbourne. You’ll hear traffic noise in the background, but it’s easy to ignore because Annette talks not just about her experience at the Tapestry Workshop, but the development of her work, silence, being silenced and her investigations into medieval manuscripts and much more.

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First published on 7th January 2012

Photo: ‘Meditations I’ 2008 acrylic and ink on linen 122 x 122cm by Annette Iggulden. Source Watters Gallery