In this podcast

… I speak with Charles Hardman. Charles is the owner of 100th Gallery in Prahran (Melbourne, Australia). Even though the gallery is very close to where I live, I found out about it on twitter when a friend retweeted one of Charles’s tweets. Charles had written a blog post about what it costs to set up a gallery. I found it fascinating that someone would expose the workings of their business with such honesty. I explored more and found that this is typically Charles. I also found that the 100th Gallery is a beautiful, welcoming space that is for everyone new to art.

Charles’ work

Charles’s story is not just about someone believing in and supporting new artists, but about someone who leaves the corporate world to start a new venture. Charles and I talk about what this meant for him and his life and why he promotes emerging artists. You can find Charles on twitter, see the website, or read about the 100th Gallery on facebook.

About this conversation

Charles and I chatted in the gallery itself surrounded by intense and fascinating photographs from the exhibition current at the time.

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This podcast was originally uploaded on 15th October 2011

(Photo supplied by Charles Hardman)