In this podcast

I speak to Emma Donaldson. Emma grew up in country Victoria and has established a learning program that is now being used in several countries around the world. The program assists children with learning difficulties who are disengaged from the school system. Emma (and her business partner) work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as children who are gifted, to assist them to re/engage with the school system. Emma is also working on her PhD which looks at disengaged youth – what leads them to a place where they can’t/won’t engage in the education system and the community as a whole.

Emma’s work

You can find out about Emma’s work at her website. PLIESE (Portable, Lasting, Integrated Education based on Self Exploration) is an “out of the box” learning system which has the kids themselves project manage their learning with help from learning partners in the community. There are plenty of opportunities to become involved in this really fascinating work.

You can find Emma on twitter, along with PLIESE.

About this conversation

We recorded this conversation at a cafe in North Melbourne. At the beginning of the conversation we fight with some other caffeine addicts to be heard – please note that no coffee beans were harmed in this interview. Please bear with us, the background noise settles considerably a few minutes in.


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First published on 2nd July 2011

(Photo by Amanda Kelly)