In this episode

Shane speaks with Keith Fergus. Keith is a photographer that works (mostly) in the west of Scotland. He walks into the wilds of Scotland and takes breathtaking photographs of the stunning countryside (there’s a lot of superlatives in that sentence – check out his work & see if you agree).

In this interview, Keith talks about how he transitioned to work at photography full time, who supported him in this endeavour, what his work day is like & more.

Keiths work

Keith works full time at his craft and produces books, calendars and cards of his work as well as runs group & one-on-one workshops. He is also published in a number of excellent magazines such as The Scots Magazine, Country Walking, Outdoor Photography and more.

You can see Keith’s work on his website, or connect up with him on facebook.

About this conversation

Shane & Keith chatted on a sunny Scottish day – both of them missing the opportunity for some great pictures, while the shy Scottish sun shone outside.


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This was originally published on 17th November 2011.

(Photo supplied by Keith Fergus)