In this episode

…I speak with Lily Fish. Lily is a theatre artist, physical theatre performer, writer, director and trained actor. During this interview she is undertaking a residency at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne, Australia. It’s the first time that the Workshop has invited a performance artist into the space, so this talk is about how Lily works in the space as well as her work to date.

Lily’s work

Lily has a strong body of work that includes performing her own work as well as many established plays such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Orpheus Project amongst others, as well as projects with the Melbourne Fringe Festival and more.

About this conversation

Lily and I spoke for just under half an hour at the Australian Tapestry Workshop and you can hear the trams and pedestrians going by. I’d also like to thank Lily for her patience – I forgot to put the mic on and she graciously went over the first five minutes of our chat again. Thanks Lily.


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This podcast was first published on 12th June 2012

(Photo supplied by Lily Fish.)