In this podcast

…I speak with Lorraine Biggs. Lorraine is a visual artist originally from Perth, Western Australia. She currently lives and works in rural Tasmania. She has travelled extensively and her work is very much focused on the natural environment. In this podcast we talk about her influences, the subjects she chooses, how she develops her work and her collaborations. Lorraine has (and still does) collaborate with the sound artist Lila Meleisea, and you’ll hear some of Lila’s lush work on the podcast.


Lorraine’s work

Lorraine doesn’t have her own website, but you can see samples of her work if you google her. Turner Galleries have a biography if you’d like to read more.


About this conversation

I had the pleasure of hanging out at the Australian Tapestry Workshop while Lorraine was the artist-in-residence for two weeks. After a week, I asked Lorraine if she’d be willing to be interviewed for In Context – clearly, she said yes! We took ourselves out to a nearby community garden full of lovely lavender bushes and got chatting.


In Context with Lorraine Biggs by Pomegranate02 on Mixcloud


This podcast was first published on 7th September 2011

Image: VALE pond reeds clouds by Lorraine Biggs (Provided by the artist)