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…I explore the local music scene in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Cleveland is known to some as the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But Cleveland is not just the place where the famous and infamous are honoured for their contribution to music, it has a thriving music scene in its own right.

In this episode of Local Seen, I speak with three natives of Cleveland who know the town inside out. Ron Claus and his friends John Wallace and Jon Kohout, showed up very early one Wednesday morning to speak with me over skype about the music scene they know so well. John and Jon are members of the band Vagrant Revival and we speak about being in a band – the trials and the joys as well as the types of venues, music and audiences you can expect when you visit Cleveland. You might visit for the Hall of Fame, but it sounds like you’ll stay for the local scene!

About this conversation

We recorded this interview via skype. It was early in the morning for the guys and late evening for me. I think the sound carries pretty well!


Local Seen – Cleveland Ohio USA by Pomegranate02 on Mixcloud


First published on 17th July 2011