The Melbourne Podcast Group is just what it says on the label.

The group introduces itself like this:

“Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast? Or have you started one and want to improve/diversify/find more listeners? Would you like to find collaborators or help someone to start their own podcast? Are you part of a company, organisation or group that has a message and wants to get that message out via podcast?

Established in April 2011 by Lisa Lang and I, this group is based in Melbourne and aims to provide a place for people to meet, make connections, learn and share knowledge all about podcasts.  We decided that Melbourne needed a meetup so that we could talk to lots of other people that we knew, loved broadcasting.  We founded the Meetup group and did just that.

Eventually, Lisa decided to move back to Germany and other things started taking up my time.  But luckily for the Meetup, one of our long-standing members, Daryl Cook volunteered to take over the group and it’s still going strong now.