Telling stories is the way we’ve communicated for thousands of years and the internet and social media provide an incredible platform not just to tell our stories, but to have them heard.

To have your stories heard, you need a communications strategy – and this includes:

  • Audit and Analysis:  Content stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, objective analysis and evaluation of the content environment (site, partner content, sister, parent sites)
  • Strategy: Determine topical ownership areas, taxonomy, process/workflow for content production, sourcing plan, voice and brand definition
  • Plan: Staffing recommendations, content management system customization, metadata plan, communications plan, migration plan
  • Create: Writing content, asset production, governance model, search engine optimization, quality assurance
  • Maintain: Plan for periodic auditing, advise the client, determine targets for success measures.


How it works

You may need assistance with all, or just one of the steps described. Or you may need support in the planning process and can manage perfectly well from there.
You choose how much assistance you need:
  • support and direction in the planning phase only
  • full set up
  • bits of the set up – some of it you may have the resources do yourself
  • set up and a few months to get your strategy up and running
  • training to make sure you can handle the setup yourself
  • ongoing website maintenance
  • ongoing content creation, monitoring and reporting
  • ongoing social media support
 We discuss what you need, agree on the scope, establish an agreed cost and then we start!

Some examples of how we can help

Website Production
You know you need a website but:
  • you don’t have any idea about how to get started
  • you just don’t have the time
  • it seems like far too much right now and you have so many other things to do!
We can assist you to:
  • source developers, designers, editors
  • organise your hosting and domain
  • liaise with designers, developers, editors to get the website you want
  • train you on how to update and maintain your website on an ongoing basis

Content Management
You know you need to get your message out there but:
  • social media is too confusing
  • you don’t know where to focus your scarce resources
  • you don’t have enough staff/time/skills in the team to develop a strategy
We can:
  • help you develop a workable content and communications strategy to get your story out there
  • recommend and set up appropriate social media channels for you
  • train you on how to manage your ongoing communications
  • manage your communications strategy on an ongoing basis, for as long or as short a time as you need
  • create unique content on an ongoing basis in line with your communications strategy

Implementing a communications strategy that aligns with your strategic direction can take a lot of time and varying skills. If you don’t have the skill in-house, we will find the people with the skills you need, coordinate the process and get your communications strategy up and running.