You can read about the myth of Persephone and her abduction by Hades into the Underworld here.

The myth of Persephone and her journey into the Underworld has always resonated with me.  Her abrupt and horrible abduction both frightens and fascinates me.  Her mother’s grief and Persephone’s eventual rescue are a story of perseverance and love.  But it’s Persephone’s insistence on eating the seeds of a pomegrante while in the Underworld that is the core of the story for me. It is a ‘rule’ of traveling to the underworld (and into fairy, if you should chance to find yourself there) not to eat lest you be trapped forever.

In some stories, Persephone was tricked into eating pomegranate seeds, but in the version of the story I read, she chose to do so.  She began to understand the wisdom of the Underworld and wanted to return to deepen her understanding of her husband’s home.

What goes on under the surface (of our conversations, communications, interactions, relationships, society, community) is fascinating and when paid attention to, reveals much about the world around us.

The pomegranate is a rich and vibrant fruit that (for me) symbolizes the hidden wisdom in the world around us – and within us.


“Come to the orchard in Spring,
There is light and wine, and sweethearts in the pomegranate flowers.
If you do not come, these do not matter.
If you come, these do not matter.”
Rumi (Quatrain 944, translated by John Moyne and Coleman Barks)


This quatrain first caught my eye years ago because of the reference to the pomegranate, but with repeated reading it is the sentiment that keeps me coming back.

It is you, the you that is unique and necessary to life, that matters and nothing else…